A growing relationship at lightspeed

Our relationship has grown so fast, seems like an instant. It is such a grand relationship. Friendship, love, support, kindness, fun. Because of the speed of things the roots are still growing in. At times things seem unstable. I know things will be grounded deeply into the ground, but that stuff takes time, time we both sometimes get inpatient with. Because we both know we have something great with each other. Why would anyone want to wait for something like that. We both need to help each other with patience, with tending to our relationship and let it continue to grow strong.

The things I want to work on would be continuing to get to know you. Hold you, love  you, be your friend. I am madly in love with the person you are… I need that person. Through figuring out and adjusting my life that time has been pushed aside by other enjoyable things as well as things we have to deal with. I want a life with you where we are friends, lovers, and parents. I also want a life where I still have a little bit of time to enjoy the things I enjoyed in the past. I want to incorporate you in many of these things, somehow. Again it will take time to build our lives to where we both can have what we want and make each other happy. I am sorry that I seem to do things that make you unhappy with me, dispite my best efforts and things I am not aware bother you.  I know we can do that. Because we want the same things… Love, friendship, partnership.


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