My Love

There are no words to describe my love to you. So I will instead try and describe it to the best of my ability.

1) The warm sun bream sneaking through the window on a Saturday morning, showing you that the weekend has begun. It let’s you decide to join in it or stay in bed with your loved one. You always choose your loved one. The softness of there skin, the feeling you get when your heart skips a beat. This is what weekends are for, why would you leave bed to go away from the one you love?

2) The trip to the store that you need to go out of your way to, taking up all your free time, just so you can spoil your love. Getting to take your time thinking how happy they will be when you surprise them with it. Thinking of all there favorite things as you go through the selection, choosing the perfect one. The joy that is felt leading up to the moment that your love will finally be surprised and the happy smile that will come to there face. The warmth of home when you two are together.

3) Doing difficult tasks because your love depends on you getting them done. Knowing how hard your love had worked today to make your just a little bit better. Thinking of how much you miss them and how much completing your tasks will mean to them.

My Love for you goes beyond everything. It lives in the happy times, the sadder times, the tough times, the easy times. It not only lives there, but it also grows with each passing day and moment shared with you.


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