Thoughts of You

Somewhere along the way you became the core of my thoughts and feelings

No matter what I think of or feel you are there

When I think of the sun I see your smile and want to know how your feeling

When I think of what to wear I see you in front of me dressed up looking amazing and I want to take you out

When I think of what to eat I think about how it’s hard on you not able to eat anything, and I want to find something amazing for you to eat that you can have

When I think of what to do I think about your favorite things and pick one of those and pick something I want to do and let you pick because both are equal things to do

When I am reminded of how there is suffering in the world I think about how you would do anything to stop it and I know how lucky I am to be with you and how lucky we are to have each other and our family

When I am at work I think of what things your doing with the kids and how I miss you all, then remember how all of you miss me

When I think of tough times I think of how you are worth it and how it’s okay because we are at each other’s side

When I think of how much I love you when curlled up in bed I think of how I am so lucky to have it all again tomorrow


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